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Life After Coronavirus: What Will Change

No doubt! Your life after Coronavirus has changed a lot.

Earlier, the places you used to travel without any hesitation has now become an optional choice for you.
Your priorities got influenced a lot, and It has an impact on your freedom too.

This pandemic has made us think, how life will look after Coronavirus ends.

Following points support my understanding of the life post COVID situation:

1) A Rise in Usage of Personal Transportation:

Out of fear, people who have access to personal transport will rely on it, irrespective of the pollution level in the cities.
This is because now we are more exposed to the threat on which we at least believe.
Debate on pollution or global warming comes second, pandemic like situation will haunt people like anything.

2) The Way People Get Education

Students used to wait for their semester break or for long summer holidays to enjoy their life.
To visit places and make memories with family and friends.
But now how education is delivered or accepted by students won’t remain the same as primitive one.
After a long break from the physical buildings, students and their parents have found something which can also work, if given a chance, i.e. getting educated online and that opens a wide door for everyone.

3) Local Market Might Get Saturated For One Segment

The local market might get saturated for one segment based on religion.
Yes, religion. After all, a lot of hate has been already injected in mind.
It might disturb the buyer-seller trust and eventually affect the established marketplace.

4) A V-shaped Growth in Pollution

As soon as everything starts to operate normally, the pollution level will show a V-shaped growth, after all, now is the time to revive the economy.
This time pollution won’t increase from let’s say on a scale of 80 to 90, instead of 10 to 90.

5) Few Countries Have Their Golden Time

A handful of countries will emerge as the new market and the world leader, by replacing the former one.
It is because of the fall in their dominance because of the collapsing economy, trade war with other players, profoundly affected workforce.

6) The Oil will Get Its Shine Back But When

Oil has already lost its spark. It has made a few countries to think of their existence.
It would be interesting to watch, how Oil and its producing nations will establish their shine back.

7) The New Opportunities for the Indian Workforce

The Indian workforce has set up on almost the reset state.
So there is opportunity lying around to make best out of it.
The Indian states can retain their labours to home state only or others can lure them again with better offers.
Well, most of it depends on how long this pandemic affects life and the need of people.

8) The New Option of Work From Home

Work from home has been the only option left out with the companies.
Earlier it was seen as an excuse to work from home rather than coming to the office.
But, when coronavirus ends, it may be taken as one of the opportunity to minimize the cost to the company.

9) Growth in the Usage of Facial Mask and Sanitizers

The use of facial mask and the sanitizers will pick up the trend for sure.
As after staying at home for months, in fear of life, people won’t let go of their facial masks.
From the busy life schedule and a lesson from the corona, people might get this statement on a serious note “prevention is better than cure.”

10) Investment Towards Healthcare and Agriculture Sector

Investment towards the healthcare sector by improving and making it more advanced.
To cope with the challenges like corona in coming time.
This is going to be a crucial step for both developed and developing countries.
Money for Agriculture related stuff in India will keep it in the long race.

If pandemics become the new normal, then tens of millions of urban service jobs will disappear.
It will create both opportunity and time to worry about our existence.

These assumptions are made while being optimistic for a better future.
Not every one of them going to be exactly same but few may and It will change many things.

Well, now time to talk about some opportunities and some significant changes.

This is the golden time for Entrepreneurs. Their innovative and go-getter attitude will solve numerous problems.
Few of the unnoticed problems and many which have recently discovered.

All this effort can make people life better after the COVID pandemic.

I have a question for you.
After staying locked in the home for months, think what you would prefer more?

Now, think what if subsequent events like corona pandemic keep striking us every time.
Yes, It feels frightful to me too.

An urban life, most people, earning money just equivalent to paying the debts, and in return, getting a lot of anxiety and of course, a hidden disease in return.
A city with millions of people running before a better life which is just an illusion; unfortunately, we all are chasing the same train.

Running throughout the week like a robot and keeping health as a tertiary thing to consider will make us more prone to such events.

A sustainable way of living, keeping the non-essentials at bay.
Changing our lifestyle, knowing what will bring us not just a penny but life, will surely be a significant change in response to making ourselves somewhat resistant to such things.

chase a healthy lifestyle
Choose Health over Anything

Health must be on our top priority no matter at what position we see ourselves.

The countries which will take this pandemic as a lesson will be able to fight something of that threshold in the future, or we might get affected more than this later.

Above all, it is clear now, our life after coronavirus won’t be the same again, no more living without any fear.
At some point, we will feel insecure, and even our lesser insecurities may haunt us in various ways.

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