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5 Hacks On How to Stay Productive

Ugh! you landed here again!

You are distracted and want to find some ways to stay focused and do the things you need to, right?

Maybe, you do not like the work which you are assigned.
Or the case perhaps opposite; you are passionate about the work but still getting distracted now and then.
Without focus, you know you cannot achieve a single thing.

Well, to your rescue, I am here with 5 hacks on how to stay productive.
It will surely empower you and your goals.

So, close every other tab on your browser(not this one) and If you are on your phone, put it on DND mode.

Why we get distracted so easily?

The average human brain is designed in such a way that it can perform complex work in seconds or it may not even in a day.
If a lens is point focused under the sun to a paper, in no time, it will burn it down.
But the same lens without any focus can never ignite a little flame.

As the time has come, so it is important to know how to stay productive working from home.
We as a human, desire to stay relaxed and avoid anything which requires a little or more mental usage.
Like everyone knows reading a book can change a life forever.
Still, hardly a few try to read.

Because when you start reading, you intentionally put pressure on your comfort.
As a reflex, you feel like giving it up so early, or you find something more comfortable to do and can comfort you and your mind.
Like opening your Facebook account and stalking several random people, or playing games for hours and after.

Well, we all went through this distracting stuff.
But, we can now keep a check and minimize the chances.

5 Tips on How to Stay Focused and Productive

1) Put Your Mobile Phone Away But Still Get Notified When You Have An Important Call

Is it possible!

Yes, you read it right.
You can still get notified while your phone is away from you. You must be freaked out after reading this.
On various occasions, you felt like I have kept my phone away from me. I can miss an urgent call or message.
Even though your phone is not with you, you are distracted just by roaming your mind around.
Okay, to get rid of this awful situation, you need to invest a little sum of $20 towards buying a fitness band.
Once you have it, connect it to your smartphone and enable only the call notification on your app and put your phone away again.
Now you will be more focused on your work than before because now you know you will get a notification only when it is important.
Do try it out, It worked insanely for me.

2) Choose the Right Place Where You Can Work in Full Swing

Avoid humans when you are doing or learning something.
Try to isolate yourself from the outer world for a while.
So that you can concentrate on your work without any chit-chatting.
Take a chair and clean your desk before starting with your work.
Don’t work on a bed; the comfort of the place will eat your productivity.

3) Listen to Instrumental And Binaural Beats

Do not listen to music with lyrics while you work.
It brings down your productivity to a super low, and you might end up in the feeling of nostalgia.
Listening to instrumental and binaural beats keeps your brain relaxed yet focused.
Beta & Gamma beats found to be more friendly to the focused mind and productive outcomes.

4) Put Your Devices On DND Mode, If You Are Using It For Work

You must be reading this article on your digital devices, be it PC or a smartphone.
Before you get distracted by another WhatsApp notification, and you leave this read unfinished, put your device on DND mode and do what matters you the most.
It is very easy to get distracted but hard enough to gain the focus again.

5) Prepare Your Daily To-Dos

Daily To-Dos helps in keeping a track on your work and your achievement.
If you have a written task with a deadline, you will have a reason to stick with your work without looking for any alternatives.

Putting Down the Hacks Into Points for You:

  • Put Your Mobile Phone Away But Still Get Notified
  • Choose the Right Place to Work
  • Listen to Instrumental And Binaural Beats
  • Put Your Devices On DND Mode
  • Prepare Your Daily To-Dos

Staying focused is not that easy in this world full of distraction at every step.
But without focus, you do not have any chance to accomplish anything.
It takes time to adjust with new habits, but it is rewarding if you have a good set of recommendation, which is Time-tested and impactful.
Now you know how to be productive at work, so do use these hacks to excel in your work and make your life more impressive.

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