How TikTok is Affecting the Life of Youth

How TikTok is Affecting the Life of Youth

Not just liquor, marijuana, or a cigarette to be called addictive.
But there is something more addictive. It is to look successful instead of being one.

Every generation passes through something which keeps them hooked, and as a result, it is declared as an addiction.

As there is a saying “Slow success builds character, fast success builds ego.”
It perfectly fits on the people who use this platform to gain so-called overnight success.

Earlier people used to give a reference of Mumbai, like “If you want to become a star, then run away to Mumbai.”
But, today scene has completely changed; you don’t need to struggle in the streets of Bombay; instead, download an app from the app store named TikTok.

Teenagers and the people about to attain their maturity are falling in the net of a trend.
It has become more than a life statement for many.

The Negative Impact of TikTok on Youth

1) The Platform Claims to be a Quick Fame Machine

You have two doors to choose from, a door which offers success after going through hard turmoil and lots of failures.
Another door which lures you to enter by showcasing a few real-life testimonials.
Based on their virtual likes and fan followings.

If you are an adult, you might think of consequences before choosing either of them.
But, for youth who mostly have social media and their friends; to take advice from, they won’t give a second thought in going before something which has a short road to success.

Teenagers lose their precious time, their patience, the real essence of a meaningful life.
Anything which is like, quick rich, quick name or immediate fame is nothing but a smokescreen between your reality and your dream.

You can’t see through the better window.

2) TikTok Creates a Sense of Urgency and a Pitch for Depression

Just like you keep hearing your phone’s ringtone, even if it is not ringing.
The same way, this platform is keeping its users hooked.

Youth are losing patience, and their quick conclusion mindset is creating havoc.

It offers an opportunity to mimic others, just a few second of video and one becomes a cool guy, and other becomes depressed.

Behind numerous interaction with strangers and content getting viral in no second, It has created a competition which is taking people towards a life where this competition has no reward.

3) TikTok Influencers Misleading the Youth

Why a company collaborates with influencers?
To reach its potential customers. Right?

Now think of someone who is not credible enough(take the stats like likes and followers away).
What impact will an influencer leave on its followers?

To stay in trend, people don’t care what they are promoting.
As a mass follows the trend and you better know a heard lead you nowhere.

Companies don’t approach a particular influencer with a product, but numerous of them together. So, a single influencer is not in the state of taking credibility of what the outcome will be.

Influencers get paid, but the influence they create is what a youth keeps with them.

4) The Rise in Inadequate Content, Promoting Nudity and Violence.

Many of the videos here you will find are sort of like directly taken from the porn videos.

The irony is, in a country like India, you have a restriction over the porn websites, but TikTok is growing like anything.

Abusive content, hurting religious sentiments, and other explicit contents have grown all over the platform. Teenagers are under strong influence and prone to being on the wrong side of the road.

With such a high penetration of Internet and cheap mobile devices, now everyone has access to the content, and it spreads like wildfire. It is getting challenging to educate teenagers now(because they have found their classrooms of that calibre already).

5) The Rise in Content Duplication With Ease

These a few second videos are damn catchy; it holds people eyeball.
So it goes viral so quickly.

Most of the contents which are on this platform are someone else’s creation. One should know the pain of the original creators and what it takes to create something which remains forever.
But, just adding a few of your steps and claiming your creativity is not the right message for the youth.

These little quick contents are a web of addiction. It keeps people hooked and undoubtedly lower down the attention span.

Creating something original and impactful is beyond the TikTok users.

6) It Proves to be a Threat to the People and Their Life Ultimately

There are several cases of people losing their lives while making videos.
It may alongside the railway track or suicide at home.

In that case, it is not less than the Blue Whale Challenge, which took numerous lives worldwide.
TikTok hashtag challenges keep youth to challenge themselves and their friends.

All these somehow creates a sense of fear for the parents and ultimately points a threat to the person involved in.

These are just a few disadvantages of TikTok.
Brainwashing is a real concern.

Now, if you are thinking that I am just pointing out the negative points, then please read further.

Are you using TikTok for educational purpose?
Certainly not!

Are you using it for entertainment purpose?
Its a delusion.

Is TikTok making you incompetent, keeping you away from showcasing your real talent?
Yes! It is.

There are few good and a few bad things, but when it is time for you to decide, then ask similar questions to yourself.

On the other hand, TikTok is useful for marketers and companies who are making a hell lot of money, and it is a boon for them.
It has widened the ground to earn bucks and maximize the revenue of the organization.

But how many of them landed here to read this?

If you are reading this, then the problem is real for sure.
And it is affecting your life in many ways possible.

If you still have questions, then take a piece of paper and draw a line in between, on the left side write what benefits you are harnessing after using this platform and on the other side write why you want to quit it.

Do let me know in the comments!

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